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Who We Are

Since 2004, the special team of UFS FOODSTUF SUPPLY LLC Company's professionals has been working to provide our customers with the highest quality food and services. You can count on us to deliver your order quickly and smoothly and at a reasonable price. Contact us to learn more about our services.


UFS Foods is a dynamic, innovative, reliable service provider ensuring the continuous welfare of its stakeholders consisting customers, vendors, employees and shareholders, considering to develop itself as a principle, targeting to create new values along with its customers, ensuring its customers to focus on their main business objectives with of quality products, sensible to environment. 


To be a solution partner preferred in international market with the supply chain and production models formed by meeting the needs and expectations of customers without making concessions from our quality policy, within the scope of laws and regulations.


  • Customer focused

  • Esteeming its employees and human health

  • Aware of society and environment

  • Respectful to laws and ethical values

  • Target focused

  • Competitive

  • Innovative

  • Reliable


UFS Foods is targeting to enhance efficiency in food market in line with its vision, mission and values; both generally in Turkey and in international markets. For this purpose;

  • Considers the satisfaction of customers as first priority quality principle,

  • Considers health and hygiene rules always at forefront,

  • Aware of the shortest way to take measures to prevent the troubles instead of finding solutions for problems,

  • Conducts research and development studies to provide better quality service to customers, follows and implements advance technologies employed in sector,

  • Measures customer satisfaction and improves processes by evaluating the measurement results,

  • Develops satisfying relations with vendors and gives necessary support,

  • Trains employee to make their jobs correctly, supports personal efforts and team works, supports and awards new ideas, 

  • Measures the satisfaction of employees as an indicator of the value paid to human, determined improvement open areas and develops them,

  • In order to succeed these objectives determines yearly targets, continuously updates these targets, 

  • Each of us is the customer of the others and each customer has the right to expect excellence.

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